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Platform Consent

Welcome to Genaty

We believe your DNA holds valuable insights to help you live a healthier, happier life. Genaty is your partner in this discovery. This document explains how Genaty works and what to expect, so you feel informed and in control every step of the way.

When you use Genaty, you put your trust in us. Our goal is for you to always feel informed, empowered, and respected during your Genaty experience.


We’ve written this Platform Consent to help you make sense of what using the Genaty Platform means. It tells you the benefits, risks, and limitations of using the Genaty Platform. Please take the time to read it with care.

If you have questions, we’re here to help! you can contact us at

You must be 18 or older to use the Genaty Platform. You can also find more details about Genaty and the Genaty Platform here:

Important terms

Any terms we don’t define here are defined in our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy. [review- update links]

  • Genaty Products: Products and services that use portions of your DNA. They are featured on the Genaty Platform.

  • Genetic Information: Your sequenced DNA and interpretation of the data. We derive it from the file you upload and store it for you to use with Genaty Products.

  • Genaty: When you see the words “we,” “us,” or “our,” we’re talking about Genaty.

  • Genaty Insights: Insights about you provided by Genaty based on your DNA, including our Genetic Reports.

  • Genaty Platform: The Genaty Store and Site, plus the process we use to store your Genetic Information.

  • Genaty Store: Where we feature Genaty Products.

  • Self-Reported Information: Other details about you that aren’t a part of your DNA. It may include details about your health, family tree, lifestyle, and behaviors.

Purpose of the Genaty Platform

Genaty was created to give you easy access to the fascinating information within your genes. We provide:

Genaty was founded to empower every person to improve their life through their genetics. We're always adding new insights and products to the Genaty platform, so you can keep discovering more about yourself and optimizing your well-being.

To that end, Genaty provides the Genaty Platform, which features personalized information and a number of Genaty Products that can give you insights about yourself based on your genetics. Some of them also offer you services based on those insights. There are many types of Genaty Products on the Genaty Platform. Each type can give you certain kinds of insights. Genaty also provides Genaty Insights. You can access these insights as part of your Genaty Account and subscription.

You can use the Genaty Platform to read personalized information or browse and buy Genaty Products. Over time, new Genaty Products will be added to the Genaty Platform. You can buy as many (or as few) of these products as you want. Before you buy a product, you’ll be informed what you can expect to learn from it. You’ll also learn what information we will use to create it.

Using the Genaty Platform

– Providing your genetic file

To use the Genaty Platform, you must upload your genetic file.

– Getting insights from Genaty Products

You choose the Products you want to use through the Genaty Platform. When you use a Product, you choose to learn about the portions of your Genetic Information that it needs.

Each Product or Service you use will:

  • Use portions of your Genetic Information to offer you insights about yourself.

  • Tell you what you can expect to receive from the product.

  • Ask you to give your consent for that product to look at portions of your Genetic Information.

  • Ask you to share some basic details about you, like your email address.

– Getting your Genaty Insights

If you opt in, Genaty will use certain portions of your uploaded sequenced DNA to produce your Genaty Insights. You can then access your Genaty Insights through your Genaty Account.

Your Genaty Insights may give you a glimpse into what Products could offer you, such as:

  • If you are more or less likely to have certain traits, like fast caffeine metabolism or being a night owl.

Genaty may also show you which product(s) in the Genaty Store take a deeper look at similar insights.

Genaty may allow you to connect with other users to share and compare your Genaty Insights on the community platform for forum-based discussion . You can only compare Genaty Insights with users with whom you agree to connect and who agree to connect with you. If you choose not to connect with any other users, no other user will have access to your Genaty Insights. This community platform may be canceled at any time.

– Giving other information about you

The Genaty Platform may also ask for your Self-Reported Information. This information could improve your Genaty Insights. In some cases, it could improve the insights you get from Genaty Products. It could also support other tools and services through the Genaty Platform.

– Helping improve the Genaty Platform

Genaty may use your Genetic Information or Self-Reported Information as part of a pooled data set. We call these data sets “Aggregated Genetic Information.” This kind of data set combines de-identified data from many Genaty Users. These data sets would not include any details that make it easy to identify you. Genaty may use these data sets for business or promotional purposes. To use the Genaty Platform, you must let Genaty use your information as part of these data sets.

Genaty strives to give you current, reliable, and high-quality experiences. As such, a key way that we will use Aggregated Genetic Information is to improve the Genaty Platform. We may do so with our quality control methods. Some of them may focus on how we store and process your Genetic Information. Some of them may focus on how you use the Genaty Platform. All information used for quality control will be used only within Genaty.

You can find more details about how we use Aggregated Genetic Information in our Privacy Policy. [review- update links]

Closing your Genaty Account

You can stop using the Genaty Platform at any time. You can also choose to close your Genaty Account. More details about this can be found in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. [review- update links] If you close your Genaty Account, neither you nor we can access your information on Genaty moving forward. Closing your Genaty Account prevents you from buying any more Genaty Products and removes access to your Genaty Insights.

We cannot restore your account if you close it. If you wish to buy new Genaty Products or access the Genaty Platform, you will need to create a new Genaty Account. To do so, you will also need to upload your genetic file again. When you close your account, we will archive your information. We will keep it archived for as long as we must to meet our legal and regulatory requirements.


“Know Yourself Better” While everyone's journey is unique, Discover what makes you unique and unlock the power of personalized wellness with Genaty. Explore your genetic makeup to better understand your health, optimize your lifestyle choices, and make informed decisions about your future. Whether you're driven by curiosity or want to take control of your well-being, Genaty helps you discover new possibilities and reach your full potential.



There are some risks that come with using the Genaty Platform.

There is a chance, you could learn something about yourself that you didn’t want to know. For instance, you could find out something that concerns you about your health. Since you share DNA with your blood relatives, these learnings could also affect them. You may want to discuss your options with your doctor, a mental health professional, or a genetic counselor before or after you get your Genaty Insights.

Under the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, (GINA), no employer with at least fifteen workers can ask for your Genetic Information. Neither can any health insurer.

Genaty may need to share details about you with regulators and law enforcement. These details may include your Genetic Information. We will only share these details if we are compelled by law to do so. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

Lastly, each Genaty Product has its own risks, benefits, and limitations. The Genaty Platform will give you some details about each Genaty Product. You should carefully weigh the risks, benefits, and limitations of each product you choose to buy. You may way want to talk with a genetic counselor.


The Genaty Platform has some limitations. Some of these are unique to Genaty. Some are related to genetic interpretation in general. Many of these are also discussed in our Terms of Service. [review- update link]

Genaty only stores your genotype file. Some of the DNA that your genotype file does not contain could be needed for certain insights.

Your Genetic Information cannot tell you everything about yourself. Your genes are only a part of who you are.

Most traits that your Genaty Insights or Genaty Products describe are not deterministic. In other words, your results describe your chance of having a given trait, but they can only rarely predict whether you do for certain. In some cases, factors like where and how you live can influence this chance more than your DNA.

Genaty Insights describe traits that have been studied mostly in people of European descent. As such, Genaty Insights for users from other backgrounds may be less informative. Genaty Products may or may not base their results on science that looked at more diverse groups of people.

Your Genaty Insights and Products are based on the current state of knowledge. Over time, more will be known about DNA and how it affects traits. As this knowledge improves, we may update your Genaty Insights results.

Though not likely, your Genetic Information stored by Genaty could have some errors. In some cases, errors can occur while sequencing your DNA prior to uploading tour genetic file onto our platform, or when we read the uploaded Genetic Information. Genaty has many quality control steps in place to find errors when they occur.

In some cases, we may not be able to read your genetic file for technical reasons, such as not having the SNPs we read to provide you Insights.

Questions about the Genaty Platform

You may have questions about Genaty, the Genaty Platform, or your use of it. If you do, you can contact Genaty’s Customer Support at

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