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At Genaty, we believe in the power of partnerships to expand the potential of genomic health data.

By collaborating with us, your organization will not be at the forefront of health innovation only, but also offer tailored, proactive health solutions to your stakeholders and customers.

Join us to shap a healthier future 

Partner with us

Corporate Wellness

Elevate your corporate wellness programs by incorporating DNA-based health assessments. Empower your employees with knowledge about their genetic health predispositions and personalized wellness strategies that improve health outcomes, boost productivity, and enhance employee satisfaction and retention.


Hospitals & Clinics

Partner with us to integrate genomic data into your clinical practices. Enhance patient care with personalized health plans based on genetic profiles, reducing the trial and error in treatments and paving the way for more effective outcomes. Our genomic solutions can help you identify predispositions and prevent potential health issues, offering a proactive approach to healthcare.

Counselors & Professionals

For Gyms, Wellness Centers, and personal trainers, our genetic insights can refine how you design fitness and nutrition programs. Tailor wellness plans that are genetically optimized for each client, ensuring faster, more effective results and higher client satisfaction.

Apply now to become our official counselor.



Educational institutions and nonprofits can benefit from our resources through programs designed to educate the community about genetics and health. Promote a deeper understanding of personal health and wellness, supporting community-based health initiatives.

Brands & Manufacturers

We recommend the best natural and organic wide range of wellbeing products to our users, if you are a skin care brand, or a reputable manufacturer of supplements and vitamins products, we are willing to promote your qualified products to our users based on their DNA blueprint.

Register your products with us and take a privilege to access potential wellbeing customers.


Be at the forefront of the precision health and digital wellbeing

In the UAE, the Emirati Genome Programme serves as a pivotal example of the nation's strategic commitment to genomic medicine, targeting personalized and preventive healthcare tailored to the genetic make-up of its population. In Saudi Arabia, a robust push towards digital health ecosystems, highlighted by extensive adoption of electronic health records, is set to propel the healthcare sector into a new era of efficiency and personalization. McKinsey & Company projects that these advancements will lead to substantial economic benefits by 2030, further emphasizing the strategic importance of these initiatives in transforming healthcare across the GCC.


Transform your health practice

Enhance Outcomes and Grow Your Practice with us.
Genaty provides your patients with targeted, data-driven health insights and personalized recommendations based on their unique genetic markers and laboratory results. This precision minimizes trial and error, helping them achieve their health goals more effectively.

Advantages for Practitioners Using Genaty:

1. Optimize treatment planning, reducing time by an average of 35%.
2. See an increase in new referrals due to improved patient outcomes.
3. Handle a greater number of clients without additional hours.

We are pioneering the integration of genomic data into everyday health and wellbeing management, not just for individuals but for businesses across various sectors. We invite you to join us in revolutionizing health care through cutting-edge genetic insights and precision health solutions.

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