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"We are dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve optimal health through precise health solutions."
- Genaty team

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How We Got Here

As part from Planaletix's portfolio, our management team @Planaletix have decided to introduce a unique product to serve the community by developing a unique "Wellbeing" solution that can enhance the health of individuals using the latest technologies of AI and genomics. Hence, we have started the journey of building Genaty.
At Genaty, we envision a future where personal genomic data empowers millions. Much like the digital revolution that brought the internet into every home, we foresee a similar expansion in access to genetic information. Today, thanks to breakthroughs in DNA sequencing and genomic science, what was once available to a privileged few is on the cusp of reaching broader populations.

Our story is shaped by the individuals who refuse to let genetics define their destiny. Knowing your genetic risk isn't about facing a grim fate; it's about seizing the opportunity to write your own story of health and well-being. It’s about being present for life’s key moments, surrounded by those you love, doing what fulfills you.

Unmatched Genetic Analysis

Our service begins with a single DNA kit that can analyze up to 83 million genetic variants using genetic imputation. This level of analysis surpasses other DNA testing services by over 100 times, allowing us to provide a detailed understanding of your health predispositions and how they compare to the general population.

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Our team

Our team at Genaty is made up of pioneers—optimists who believe in the transformative power of genomics. We are software engineers, data scientists, medical doctors, and geneticists who are not just participants but leaders in this evolving landscape. Our mission is driven by the conviction that soon, accessing your genomic data will be as common as using a smartphone or browsing the internet—a reality that seemed distant in the '90s but is a commonplace convenience today.

Through strategic partnerships and continuous innovation, we are setting the foundations for a future where each individual in the GCC can unlock the secrets held in their DNA, leading to healthier, longer lives. Join us on this journey to revolutionize healthcare and make personalized genomic data a reality for everyone.

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