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"Embark on a journey of genetic discovery with Genaty, starting with a single swab and leading to lifelong wellbeing."
– Genaty scientific Team


Order your suitable package, Each kit comes with everything you need to collect your DNA sample safely and effectively from the comfort of your home.

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Collect your DNA sample ,follow the detailed instructions to collect your DNA sample. It’s painless and you can complete this step in just a few minutes

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Register your sample online with the unique code provided to ensure that your results are accurately matched to you. We will come and collect your DNA sample.

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After 3 - 6 weeks, you can access your personalized results on your secure online profile and Consult our Experts to help you to make informed lifestyle or health changes.

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Genaty, your gateway to unlocking the mysteries encoded in your DNA. With our state-of-the-art genomic services, we offer you a personalized glimpse into your health, ancestry, and predispositions. Here’s a simple guide on how our process works:


Understanding Your DNA is Just the Beginning

With Genaty, your journey towards a healthier life is just a beginning. Our platform offers continuous updates and support as new genetic discoveries are made and as your lifestyle changes.

Start Today

Discover Your Genetic Potential

Begin your journey with Genaty by exploring the untapped potential hidden within your DNA. Our state-of-the-art AI-driven analysis unlocks insights that help you understand your genetic predispositions related to health, wellness, and ancestry.

Sample Collection and Privacy

Your journey starts with a simple, non-invasive DNA sample collection. Privacy is paramount at Genaty; your data is encrypted and handled with the utmost confidentiality, ensuring your genetic information is protected.

The Science of Genetics

Genetics is the blueprint of life. Every human possesses a unique genetic makeup that influences everything from appearance to disease risk. Understanding your genetics with Genaty can guide personalized health strategies tailored to your genetic profile.

Your Personalized Report

Receive a comprehensive report detailing your genetic insights. Each report is a window into your health and ancestry, offering personalized recommendations tailored to improve your wellbeing and lifestyle.


Genaty's Precision Technology

Leverage the latest advancements in genomic science with Genaty's precision AI technology. Our partner labs use next-generation sequencing to ensure detailed and accurate analysis, providing you with insights that matter.

Support and Consultation

Genaty stands by you even after you receive your results. With a team of expert genetic counselors and wellbeing professionals, we offer ongoing support to help you integrate your genetic knowledge into everyday health decisions.

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